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  • if your resort / timeshare guests could use their smart phones to order food or drinks from anywhere on your resort, while they sit reading a book by the pool, while they play a round of golf, tennis, shuffle board or other activities. Now imagine that your staff knows exactly where to deliver that order.
  • the convenience to your guests if they could order housekeeping services not only from their rooms or at the front desk but via their smart phones from anywhere on your resort.
  • that guests could discover and sign up for resort activities like morning Tai Chi or RSVP for events such as wine tasting or dances using their smart phones.
  • that if a small child wanders away from his party, his parents can use their smart phones to locate him.
  • that while providing all of the above you could add new, previously unavailable, revenue streams to your resort.

If you have imagined the above, you have imagined Bei. | Bei, it’s about the experience.

So How Can Bei Help You?

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Enhance the Guest Experience

Your guests use their smart phones and tablets to interact with the world around them. The world is at their fingers tips. Bei gives your guest the ability to do the same with your resort. With Bei your guests can order services, find information and interact with resort staff; all from their own smart devices.

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We make you Smarter!

We use existing RFID Technologies and mobile based applications with a unique patented approach to connect your guests to your Resort. Resort information and services are easily accessible to your guests. Management can see the traffic flow of guests and use this information to adjust staffing levels, plan for future events and better place services to meet guest needs. Management and staff can assign and track housekeeping service tickets, publish events and activities, publish online Food and Drinks Menus, and create addition streams of menus based around mobile advertisements target to specific guests.

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Data at your Finger tips

You have used Bei to enhance guest experience guaranteeing they will come again, now what? How do you offer more services to them? Perhaps an event? Perhaps more spending on drinks? Perhaps a spa? It’s all about Data. Learn how Bei presents data and how customizations can expose more.

Our Products & services

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Guest experience enhancing mobile applications combined with active RFID wristbands ...